Making an Appointment


How much lead time to I need to make an appointment?

This question depends on the season and the current work load but we do our very best to have appointments available within 2 days of when you call. Sometimes we have even been able to accommodate an appointment for the same day as your phone call. Please call the office and we will be glad to let you know our available upcoming appointments.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment anyway that is easiest for you. You can email (, call (508-667-9719), text (508-296-5798), or book online through our website.

How far will you travel? Is there a travel fee?

Our photographers cover from Sturbridge to Cape Cod, north to Southern New Hampshire and south to Northern Rhode Island. If you would like us to come to property outside of this area their may be a $25 travel fee depending on the actual mileage required for our photographers, call for more details.

What if I need my photos the same day as the appointment?

If you need your photos on the same day as your appointment, we are glad to accommodate that for you. There is a $25 rush fee that applies and you will receive your photos by 8pm the same day as the appointment.

When do I let you know if I need my photos early?

If you know that you are going to need your photos earlier than 2pm of the following business day please notify the office when you schedule your appointment or as soon as you become aware of these need to we can have the staff prepared to serve you.

What if the weather is going to be bad?

There are a few options that we can do if the weather is not going to cooperate.
1.) If the weather is just going to be overcast or sprinkling we can take a full set of photos without any issues and can easily add blue sky to your exterior photos.
2.) If the weather is going to prevent us from having our cameras outside we can shoot just the interiors of the home and then we will come back (at no cost) to shoot the exteriors once the weather clears up.
3.) If the weather is going to be very dark and stormy or create hazardous driving conditions or if you have a property where a nice day would be beneficial we would be glad to reschedule your appointment.

I’m doing a Broker’s Open House, do you sponsor them?

We are glad to sponsor Broker’s Open Houses for our clients. We will be glad to send a representative from our company as well as lunch, drinks, and a dessert. Please limit to 1 broker’s open lunch per year though so we can serve all of our clients well.

Do you have appointments on the weekends?

We understand that not every homeowner is able to accommodate to have photographs taken during the week. We offer appointment on both Saturdays and Sundays to meet the needs of yourself and your clients. We suggest booking these early as there are a limited number of slots available.

Receiving Your Materials


When will I receive my finished photos?

Our standard turnaround time is next business day by 2pm. Our business days are Monday-Saturday.

When will I receive my photos if I have my appointment on Saturday or Sunday?

If you have your appointment on Saturday or Sunday you will receive the photos on Monday by 2pm unless you request a Rush.

When will I receive my other materials? (ie floor plans, slideshows, tour, flyer,etc.)

All materials are returned by 2pm of the next business day. The only exception is virtual staging which takes up to an additional 24 hours after you have received your other materials.

How will my finished products be delivered to me?

You will receive all of your finished products online by 2pm of the next business day. All you need to do is login to and you will be able to access your photos, floor plans, tours, and any other materials you may have.

Other Important Questions


What is a 3D tour?

Best View Imaging owns a Matterport 3D Camera which allows us to create 3D interactive tours of houses that work similar to Google Streetview. We use a special camera with a motorized tripod and 9 lenses to capture every angle of the house. If you are interested please view a sample and call or email the office for more information.

How do I pay for my shoot?

You can pay for your appointment at the appointment or afterwards. We can accept payment by cash, credit/debit card, or check on site and check or credit/debit card after. You will receive an invoice in your email after the appointment is completed with details on how to pay.

How do I get the floor plans, tour, slideshow, etc onto MLSPin?

Once the property goes live in MLSPin we will automatically connect your materials for you. We check 1-2 times per day for properties that have gone live. If you would like materials added quicker you are welcome to email us the MLS# and we will be glad to add your materials.